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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 10, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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could smooth things over. police in tucson did not play along and they arrested thomas and found $20,000 in his personal belongings. moron. that is it for "studio b" today and back later for the fox report with the dow up a little bit. we get this fiscal cliff done, though say, and neil cavuto knows but he does not tell checking all his vast stockhold ings. >>neil: the president and speaker boehner meeting. is it because my superpowers are clearly working? a reminder that is built to scale. no need to thank me now, citizens of earth because we may have gotten them together, but yours truly is not happy with what he is hearing.
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>> welcome, everyone, on a busy morning, i am neil cavuto. one step back, 21 days before the big day. the deal taking shape would put off $100 million in spending cuts by finding savings now but the cuts could be addressed next fall with the potential tax hike as a trigger, a reverse sequestration. so back up for the tax hikes. that would be like me saying i will go on a diet next year. it doesn't mean i will be eating fewer canollis this year. it is time to watch this, my co-super hero. what do you make of this? i'm not encouraged. >>guest: not encouraged. we started hearing when speaker
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boehner started talking framework, that is kicking the can down the road. the irony is, the debt ceiling debacle from last year they said it would be the last one, when we come to terms to this we will be position idea we have to make tough choices. obviously, you don't have to. >>neil: part of this deal is we her to avoid this cliff right now, especially the spending cuts they find onerous we put off tough decisions until next year but, dan it, that is when we are doing it. is that the same deal? >>guest: you are right. we have a continued resolution, a debt ceiling. this is weird, i don't understand what exactly is advising. somehow the republicans believe we let the president have whatever he wants, a step closer
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to a monarchy but when a debt ceiling comes up the public will be on our time. you will have less leverage so if there is any kind tough dole, now is the time to push that through. >>neil: the fact that neither is disparaging the other today, that leads me to believe some progress is being made. it could be progress you don't welcome but a deal is being put in shape. what worries me is that republicans in the past who signed on the deal for revenue hikes with the promise of spending cut to come, they don't see that. what do you want to see? >>guest: this is like popeye's wimpy, both sides have to understand --. >>neil: you want the sacrifice upfront? >> we will never get a legitimate deal unless it
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happens. the debt ceiling has been raised 107 times. last year it was supposed to resolve it at this time. we need a bill and obviously, i don't know where the g.o.p. is drawing their line on the sand but they know higher taxes are coming. some of the tax increases that go along with obama health care tax increases will dramatically hurt the economy so i help they take a stand and are not fooled into an idea that the public will give them more backing next time. that is far far-fetched. one side cannot put up legitimate things immediately and the other site putting up i.o.u. >>neil: if you think any deal is better than no deal, think again, to charles' point, he says markets are good at selling
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off on the shams when they do. what do you make of the possibility that we could look at something that is very like what we saw last year, the trigger being not spending cuts this time but tax hikes, will it make a difference? >> it will be a disaster. here is what will happen. they push off the spending cuts until next year, when they start talking about it next year they will say push it off until after the election. then we are talking about another year where they don't do anything and the storms will get nervous, the financial markets will be nervous and that could be good if the markets started silling off to send washington a message, you are messing with the economy and playing games and playing chicken with the economy. i'm concerned if we get a deal the market will sell off because it will be tax hikes, it will be spending cuts, nothing to
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promote growth. >>neil: but there is a danger to doing a deal when you think the markets will like it if you score, even a bad deal. i remember when tarp was rejected under the bush administration we felt, we saw the market drop 770 points. and the argument was get back and maybe the markets will not fall, and then two months later we were down 4,000 points from that level so whatever panic attack you fear that is a slow bleed, anyway. >> we seeing our markets underperform global markets and have gone sideways since the election and we had a sell off and now they have involved that and are moving sideways. if they bring a deal that is all just a deal that is all fluff and no real circumstance. what we will see is a market that sells off.
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there is an old adage on wall street, buy the room or sell the fat f we bring a deal all tax hike, wall street will see that, and the markets will sell off, and we will be in a bigger mess than we were to begin with. >>neil: they should leave the markets out and do what make as good deal for you. if it sounds preposterous and like a shell game the markets will know. >>guest: we have a sluggish economy. you have to promise note growth in the economy. if you promote growth, revenues come in. they are worried about tax rates but they do not mean anything if you have less revenue coming in because you are slowing down as an economy and that is hitting the economy and already happening. >>neil: thank you, jim. they are off.
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these guys are racing because they just heard that their super hero is headed to ground zero, fully clothed in this battle to avoid a fiscal cliff as we try to bring both sides together we have arizona senator john mccain, and maryland democratic congressman, and florida republican senator subrow, and connecticut independent senator, lieberman, and former debt co-chair and i could go on but i told you i take it upon myself to fix this mess as if i'm not busy enough thank you but i am looking after you and this country and if they cannot put together something, yours truly can and if i have to show up in spandex, i will. >> six weeks after losing their home they are being kicked out of their temporary one.
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it goes down this week. you wonder whether all of the high five's with the politicians commending fema had a clue. >> a big shout out to fema. they are a great partner. >> the president could not have appointed a better person. >> the administration, fema you have established when the call goes out the country is there to help their people. the "share t. get a great deal on a new subaru and 250 dollars goes to your choice of five charities. by the end of this, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars. it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd. get 0% apr financing for 36 months on a 2013 subaru forester
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>>neil: no home and now maybe out of a temporary one with a fast approaching deadline being put out of hotel by fema. so, what was with all the politicans back patting last week? >> i was pleased and was honored to work in such a productivest
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that focused on getting things done. >> i thank the governor for his leadership from the beginning. >> we have all worked very closely together and i thank the governor for his leadership here. >> high has not stopped from the moment the storm hit. >> then schumer has done great work. i thank him on behalf of all of the people of the state of new york. >> maybe the people affected by hurricane sandy with fema trailers sitting idle in pennsylvania and a staten island resident has had it what did you make of this? >> well, thanks for having me. i feel it sun fair. i have family that i can stay with. family has denied me rental assistance or temporary living. i assume that is because they left 3 1/2 hours away from us after bringing them from texas
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and wasting our time and money and their efforts. it is completely unfair and ten days before christmas you want to take away what you have given them temporarily. they should health the people start receiving checks from their insurance companies and maybe some progress in the house before they give them the boot. if you didn't have family, chris, would you have been able to benefit with the temporary housing or hotels that others have taken advantage of? without have been able to qualify? >> in the beginning we assumed we would stay with our families and we applied for rental assistance and they did not give us any help, my wife me, my
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young babies at the time. >> we hearing and we could not get anyone from fema and we tried the governor of new york to no avail, fema says it is the governor's call whether they want to extend the deadline for housing assistance or temporary housing assistance. but whether the governor does that or not we will be revisiting this. if fema knew this was a distinct possibility and fema predicted it could drag on, the housing situation, for thousands of your friends and colleagues, for many months, you would have thought there would be a contingency plan to deal with that. >> of course.
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everyone is on their own. you wonder all day long, what is the next step? that is unfair to the americans. >> what is fema doing in your neck of the woods? what do you see fema representatives doing at staten island? >> wasting peoples time and aggravating them. they come on the block once in a while, they want to ask you questions, did you fill out the loan application, looks like your paperwork wasn't done right, you have to appeal, and you ask them questions and they don't have answers. they tell you, well, we only help if we can and you have to fill out the paperwork. it is harassing to get someone to knock on the door to harass you to fill out a loan like having a car salesman stop by your house once a week and ask if you want do buy a car.
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if you are not helping you, i have to get over it, leave me alone, i am doing my paperwork, do not remind me every day or once a week, whichever house you decide to stop at today, why do you have to remind me of everything that has happened. you have established you are not helping me, i am tired of asking questions, it is frustrating. and they go on about it every day like it is nothing. all the political figures running around standing with people that are voluntarily coming out, just civilians, they are not government coming, it is normal people. our city officials and government that walk around these people like, look what we doing, what are they doing, running trailers from texas or
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pennsylvania and now you want to put the people on streets and you say there is nowhere to put trailer service there were 208,000 tons of garbage down the block great my block, why can't now that the garbage is done put the trailers there? >>neil: novel idea. thank you, chris. certainly we remind you while they are back slapping and saying everything is fine, we are not there. we are not here to blame the president or democrat leaders or republican leaders while they high five each other these folks are saying, hello? hello? for get in the middle of this the united states is claiming the nobel peace prize and look who is accepting.
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geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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>>neil: it is like me winning the lifetime fitness award, it ain't going to happen unless i am living in europe when there is precedent when the entire european union accepts the nobel peace prize. i am serious, they are serious, the same folks who brought you riots they could not stop and protests they could not control, and now they are winning a nobel peace prize that has to be unbelievable for a union that is going off the we rails and a currency that threatens to go off the abyss to former u.k.
1:23 pm
member of parliament john brown who is going out of his mind. i cannot believe this, but, yet, when i first heard it announced, it really happened. >> yes, you are absolutely right. when i was a nato soldier myself and when i was a member of parliament i was on the political arm of nato which was the north atlantic assembly and it was clear that it was nato particularly with the american and british nuclear deterrence that kept the peace and that extended through a circle around the ussr and margaret thanker made me the escort for gorbachev and it was clear that president reagan's strategic defense initiative brought them to the negotiating tabling the e.u. was not alive, it was not a political union. >>neil: given the trend and how they hand out the awards the
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common theme seems to be bash america, sort of like sally field accepting it for, i don't know, jane fonda, his theme has been europe is in the pickle because of the united states, but this is a prevailing view that the european union is facing their problems because of the united states. they cannot be serious. >>guest: no, i quite agree and basically, norway, which gives the thing, it is very political, norway is not even in the european union but they are next door to this whole number which is a growing totalitarian state. it failed to give peace over kosovo and it has given its people massive borrowing and not they have over borrowed and the recommendation is alwaysst either and now you have rioting and forces for secession to break up the european union. it is a massive totalitarian
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state, grabbing power, and it gives its parliament elections but in power, and it does not like disagreement and it is against opposition, and, in fact, there are move moves afoot to stay any speaking against the european is a legal on fence and it is founded upon deceit and corruption. why did the european union need 2,000 secret bank accounts if it wasn't bribing politicians all over the place? grabbing totalitarian similar to the soviet union but the neighbors now are frighten and norway has given it a totally undeserved peace prize which is staggering. >>neil: staggering to me as well, the former u.k. parliament member. he calls it like he sees them. and now some american folly pointing fingers this washington over a deal that is not happening and angry republicans
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have had it with their own leader and are more than just rumbleing.
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>>neil: and now, they fear they did not get that much done at the meeting, and we are working on getting president obama and speaker boehner to sit down and hash it out.
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and now time for a friendly super hero to get moving. >> i am suiting up and headed down to our capital to save our country. it is not from one side only it takes to both sides. ski have to bring the plan in person as if i don't have enough to do buying meat and cheese for my loved ones. tomorrow, we will stop by the capitol and the white house to talk about a busy talk but that is what super heroes do. the michigan republican congressman who is here to say what his party shouldn't do. congressman, your fear came on taxes. don't do it. >>guest: given the deals we are talking abouts we should not cave on taxes when the amount of
1:31 pm
spending cuts over 10 years are a drop in the bucket. >>neil: so, when you lost the committee leadership assignment, did that opposition play into that? did speaker boehner say if you were quieter you would still be if a key role? >>guest: well, speaker boehner's staff have not talked to me. the only talking they have done is to the press off the record and anonymously so i have not heard anything directly from the speaker and, look be it is not about who will compromise or who will work with democrats or who will do what is right for our country is what matters. right now, the kind of things we hear from both the speaker and the president are not what is great for our country. we need were bigger spending cuts, we can talk about taxes but it needs to be part of a larger deal that balances our budget. >>neil: so, congressman, you are not averse to revenues being part of the equation, but you
1:32 pm
are not liking the return offers from the democrat. though want to revisit $1 trillion agreed for last year and you say that is leftovers. explain? >>guest: well, we don't need anymore revenue in washington, that is clear. we have enough revenue to run our constitutional functions but if we are going to talk about making a deal with the democrats, be serious about it. so far, neither has been matter serious. if republics want to talk about it they have to put pentagon spending on the table. if democrats want to talk about it we have to have entitlement reform but the deal has to be bigger than we are talking about. right now they are only talking about dealing with things that could resolve a tenth of the problem. we need to resolve the whole problem because we headed for a real financial crisis. >> you don't like the idea of making a promise to address the more serious issues next year, you want did see some numbers, even tentative numbers, this year. >>guest: well, congress has
1:33 pm
been making promises for decade and that is why we are where we are and we have a $16 trillion debt. every person in this country has $50,000 in debt that is responsible, the responsibility congress. that is where congress put it. we have to make some changes and make them now. >>neil: you put a lot of good things up there for everyone to consider. thank you very much, congressman. fair and balanced and now what the president shouldn't do. what did you think of what the congressman just offered? that is, go ahead, serious cuts would include defense, the holy grail for republicans. but we have to see more from democrats in terms of the spending cuts. what do you say? >>guest: put me in a room with him and maybe we can come up with deals. we don't agree with much but he is a good man with the right intentions. i am not looking to kick the
1:34 pm
ball down the road. i don't like to say we promise to make more cuts next year and promise to raise them next year. whatever we do, do it, and get on to the rest of the business. >>neil: what i am hearing is, and, again, it could be wrong, main is saying hateful things to each other today which could indicate something is happening. if you are going to agree to revenue hikes and i agree they will go up, but, the flip side, then, should be, serious and well spelled out spending cuts to go along with that, it is the flip side of that, the flip side of the revenue part, that is what people find wanting. they are getting nervous should they? >>guest: i am nervous. i am nervous about the whole thing. even the tax revenue part. i'm not sure i have seen enough details to settle on whether i would support it. >>neil: on the revenue side, congressman, it has to be a rate hike for you, not this --. >>guest: if my former life i
1:35 pm
was a tax attorney when i made money. so, rates are pop, -- are important, and there are other ways to raise revenues. rates for me are not the magic goal but who pays them. >>neil: and the spending cuts are delineating --. >>guest: that would be a mistake. >>neil: when the congressional black cause says don't touch entitlements does it party you your party is not in sync with what you offered? >>guest: i wish they were as monolithic as you imply. i don't want to cut entitlements but medicare and medicaid neat to be tweaked. to keep them for the future. the question is, what do you mean?
1:36 pm
someone's tweak is someone else's devastation much the details matter. a lot. like spending cut, i am for spending cuts but which ones. some may be for tax increases, but can ones? >>neil: you two should take over this whole operation. >>guest: we wish. >>neil: i will try to sort this out super hero-style. we looked up at the sky, and that is not a bird or a plane but that is a hunky italian american here to save you and the planet earth live tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. where no matter the season saving you is always in season, spandex or not. did you hear about throw women eating dinner in california, ready to pay the check and they
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take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>neil: three ladies have a nice dinner in california until they get the check and the bottom of the check says "fat girls." is this the constitute of a lawsuit? time for the super heros and only a super lawyer but known to fly around and brief whether this is the stuff of legal briefs. mercedes? >>guest: no. there is no way. what they will come forward and say i am so distressed, i cannot move or work or sleep? please. they will say it is random insult. should not have been done.
1:41 pm
i am sorry. here is a coupon for the next dinner at our establishment. >>neil: like they would want it. >>guest: the thing is, there is not a law. you can discriminate against individuals who are fat. >>neil: put it on the check? >> not nice but not illegal. >> you are in california, where they have such lenient laws with regard to emotional distress and the people are on their website posting, we are so sorry we know how hurt you must have been by this comment. they admit the women are hurt. women going to a restaurant to have fun and you are bullied on paper. fat girls? what is next? >> i am trying to thing how that would appear on type on a bill unless it was meant to she server jeff, this is your check, you have the table with the fat girls. you would say it but not write
1:42 pm
it. >> someone is typing that up, but there is no injury. what is the injury? >> well, half off the check. >> they rejected that offer. that is way too little. >> what would you gouge them for? >> you have to understand, the women have been tortured all their likes because of the way they look. can you not do that. you cannot humiliate them. >> maybe it will incentivize them. >>neil: now, really, you are -- i love you dearly but you are saying consider yourself lucky they called you fat pigs. are you nuts? come on. come on. >>guest: it could change their likes and maybe they will eat healthier. >>neil: you make lawyers look
1:43 pm
good. in this case whether they is grounds do sue they certainly have grounds to do something. what would the "something" be. >>guest: change their habits. >>neil: it is on them? >>guest: they have a right to sue. this is california, you sue for distress. we don't know the extent of the sadness and the emotional disstress but i saw one of them crying this morning. it was outrageous comment. someone called them fat. come on. come on.
1:44 pm
>> unless there is a health issues they are not protected under law. >> you are evil. evil. evil. >> those women have been through a lot and they are having a nice mail but they go and the restaurant rubs salt in the r ruben sand win or whatever. >>neil: this is going to be funny enough to make you cry. >> first question: what is the fiscal cliff? >> i don't enjoy. can't remember what of any of it. >> i don't know. >> what do you mean by that? wha.
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>>neil: conservative comedian has made doubters look like morons and he and dennis miller by themself could take on the whole comic mainstream establishment. the latest project proves it. he goes to michigan in search of simple answers on the fiscal cliff to what make as democrat. he got some good answers and good laughs. >> should we raise taxes? >> i don't know. >> anything over $1 million. >> the household makes $250 should they be taxed like the richest? >> no. >> you disagree with raising taxes on families only making $250,000. >> yes.
1:49 pm
>> that makes you a republican. >> a republican. >> no. >> that makes you a republican! >> welcome. when you went back and people say, your views sound more republican than democrat, what did they think? what did they sayst well, the video shows if they novembered as conservatively as they live their lives we would see a different demographic, but that shows the media is perpetuating the likes attributed to republicans being conservatives and republicans are horrible county just terrifyingly awful with the message. you can see the people interviewed, they were more concerned with not being seen as republicans than actually giving the right answers or finding viable solutions and a huge portion of that is the people were young. the grand ambassadors for
1:50 pm
republicans, you have mr. boehner, and he ran a good who came across could not operate a computer and now a billionaire mormon but they not people who are shattering any negative preconceived notions that people have toward republicans so people say no, no, no, no, no, i am not a republican, i take it back. >>neil: there were a lot of young people there, largely a democrat vote and when they express their views, they seem conservative or more conservative than what is let on. what do you think republicans can take away for future nominees or future candidates? >>guest: it is not that the messaging hasn't been effective, but that conservatives generally have not tried. republicans have not reached out. if republicans only mitigated the loss of young democrat
1:51 pm
graphic to -- demographic to 15 percent but not lose pick 20 percent or 30 percent or up to 60 percent, as we saw, they would never lose again. the fact they don't that is more vexing than the fact that you and john stossel never seem to age. what do you do at night? i row -- i resent you. terribly. >>neil: thank you, a comic that makes you think, a double reward right there. thank you, steve. they took us to the moon so why can't our politicians find a way out of this box? [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon.
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there is a santa claus. >> neil: family just delay the christmas celebration after you came back?
1:55 pm
>> partly. well, i planned ahead of time and i gave my wife a present. since the card said from the man in the moon. [ laughter ] >> apollo 8 showed everyone up. the sew yets especially. america was leaving the space race, the end of the decade and jfk's deadline quickly approaching. >> neil: our 40th anniversary of being on the moon. fox has specials but "flying to the moon" was superb and inspiring. well done. thank you, colonel. they did the heavy lifting. i went along for the incredible kid in the candy store ride. mark e-mails --
1:56 pm
>> neil: justin e-mails -- >> they were heroes and are. kevin in pittsburgh --
1:57 pm
>> i'll take what i can get, kevin. carla via yahoo -- >> man, oh, man, i think i can die now. not so fast, because kevin e-mails -- >> i would like to hang on a little while to see if i could. thank you very much. felix in new york city --
1:58 pm
>> i do, here is where the preaching comes in. we all have it within to us be great. i hope if you got anything out of this special, o it is this. i'll be blunt. you don't have to be an astronaut to see how many of the leaders have become asses, but the astronauts won't say that, so allow me. they won't say how disgusted on how we behaved today so allow me to draw comparison between heros who pointed to the stars and leaders who prefer to point fingers at each other. too busy reaching for jugular than reaching for solutions. remember when we did the great things? the impossible things? we still can. why can't we stop saying, "can't"? why can't we be extraordinary. voting for my friend gene
1:59 pm
cerna and the last man walked on the moon there is nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it. are we so deep in debt we bankrupt our values? disconnected from the financial bid we have dug that we have forgotten, hey, we dug it! surely we can dig ourselves out of it. surely you don't have to have gone to the moon to see the loansy of the politicians now. surely we owe it to the men whose quest we relegated to museum in florida. not to mothball their enthusiasm forever. after all, they did climb the highest cliff. are you really going to tell me we can't settle the stupid fiscal cliff? washington, i want you to tell that to these guys. to their face, without their helmets on. i dare you. and tomorrow, i dare all of washington to not get something done while i'm there


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